fall to fly

We all come to a point in life in which we are comfortable. We think we have life figured out. We like the ideal life we have orchestrated – a life without complication. Yet God desires more from us. He wants us to step out in faith. The desire for more burns within us. We are not satisfied with good, we truly want great. But when the sacrifices are considered, most settle for the ordinary, the simple. They decide that it is better to be comfortable rather than to endure challenges in order to succeed – in order to obey.

I challenge you to take the leap of faith that God wants from you. Like a bird must step out of its nest so that it may learn to fly, step out of your comfort zone. You will fall at first. It is necessary. It will be frightening. It will take your breath away. You may even begin to believe that you are falling to your finale. And you may want to simply accept that, but don’t.


Take on the pressure.

Face the wind.

Rise up.


And when you are soaring above all those who would not step out in obedience, those who settled for mediocrity – those who stayed in their nests – you will be thankful that you learned to fall in order to fly.

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…” ~ Isaiah 40:31