The first time I encountered a firefly (lightning bug, as some call it) was in Wisconsin. I was sitting on the dock, taking in the enchantment of the lake and the trees and all else that my beloved desert lacks, when this floating light passed me. At first, I squinted to be sure that I wasn’t going crazy, then I realized exactly what it was. I was so excited to finally see a firefly for the first time! …then it was gone. Later that night, I was curious, so I looked up what makes the little bug glow… as with most science, the scholarly jargon is beyond me, but basically fireflies contain special cells within them that make the light. Interesting, but I thought nothing more of it until almost three years later…

That was a few summers ago, when I first visited Indiana. My boyfriend (at the time) and I had been picked up from the airport and were driving back. As I looked out the car window and into the darkness, I saw flickering lights along the side of the road. I wondered if I was really seeing anything in particular or if it was just reflections of light from the car to whatever was in the surrounding area. Finally, I asked what I was seeing. Much to my delight, they were fireflies; this time not just one, but hundreds! I was captivated. I think I stared out the window for most of the drive catching glimpses of these fascinating creatures. My mind wandered and I remembered what I had read long ago about how they glowed… something inside them, shining outward, but only visible when it was dark…

Later during the trip, there was storm in the area, and we were advised to either stay put or try to get ahead of the storm and return home. We decided to beat the storm, so we quickly headed out and on our way. It was that night that I saw one of the most magnificent sights I have beheld to this day. In fact, the adjective magnificent (or stunning or dazzling or breathtaking) does not seem to do it justice. In my mind, I assumed that during a storm, there would be no fireflies to watch – surely they would hide from the storm – but i was quite mistaken. There must have been millions of them; and instead of keeping low to the ground, as I had seen before, they were up in the trees. No longer simply captivated, I was mesmerized. I don’t know that I can begin to accurately explain what I saw that night… the trees just sparkled!

I think back regularly to that spectacle – reminiscing, wishing I had captured the experience in a picture or that i could see it all over again… To me, fireflies are so phenomenal! I thank God for all things simple and yet sensational that He created…

My mind continues to wander…

Something special within them making light in the darkness, and apparently, even more so in a storm…

If you are a Christian, you too have within yourself something special (or should I say Someone) that can make you a light in the darkness. Ye are the light of the world… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:14a, 16) 

In this world of darkness, does your light shine? Can others look at your life and be captivated by seeing the Light in you? And when the storms of life come (for they always come), will you continue to let your light shine? Others will understand and maybe even expect you to hide from the storm, but will you bring glory to your Heavenly Father by letting your light shine on? It is in those times that others who are watching will be awestruck by the peace you have in the storm. It is in those times that your are a testament to the awesome grace of God!

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